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Tenney Lock Approaching Final Phase of Upgrades

May 24, 2017
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Land & Water Resources

The Tenney Lock is a popular recreation facility located on the Yahara River at the outlet of Lake Mendota.  The Lock allows for the passage of boats between Lakes Mendota and Monona.  Upgrades to the Tenney Boat Lock facility started in March 2017 and the goal is to complete the project by the end of June 2017. The Tenney Lock is currently closed and will remain closed through Memorial Day Weekend.


“The project will modernize the existing infrastructure with mechanical and electrical upgrades,” said County Executive, Joe Parisi. “It is important to ensure the lock operates efficiently for the thousands of boats that pass through each year.”


The work completed to date includes sandblasting and painting of the lock gates, installation of new electrical wiring, and installation of new hydraulic lines. The work for the final phase includes reconditioning the electric motors, installation of the lock gates, and enhancements to the lock operation computer program. Dane County appreciates public patience during these construction activities.


Permit fees for using Tenney Locks are $10 daily and $30 for the season. For more information on the Tenney Lock schedule or to purchase permits online visit

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