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Local Elected Leaders, Superintendents, Teachers and Students Demand Action on Gun Reform

February 26, 2018
County Executive

Calling on Governor Walker and Speaker Ryan to Pass Common Sense Gun Reforms


Today Dane County Executive Parisi, MMSD Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham, State Representative Chris Taylor were joined by School Board Members, educators and students from across Dane County to call on State and Federal legislators to pass common sense gun reform.


“As the father of two teenagers and a leader in our community, I am calling on Governor to take immediate action on gun violence by calling Special Session of the legislature and on Speaker Ryan to bring this issue before congress immediately,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “Today I have sent a petition to Governor Walker and Speaker Ryan that has been signed by thousands of Wisconsin residents who are asking them to fix the system for our kids.”


Over the last week thousand have signed a petition calling for the following reforms:

  1. Mandatory universal background checks
  2. Assault weapon ban
  3. Ban aftermarket devices (bump stocks) that allow you to modify your gun into a rapid fire weapon
  4. Keep people who are subject to domestic violence protection orders from having guns


Dane County Executive Parisi sent letters to both Speaker Ryan and Governor Walker today with the list of thousands of residents who have signed the petition urging them to pass common sense gun reforms.


Since the recent shooting in Florida many students, parents, teachers and administrators have called on our elected representatives to make these changes and to further protect our children in schools by reforming gun laws.


"School safety is not a political issue. It is about keeping our children safe,” said Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham. “Our legislative leaders at the state and federal level have not only the ability but the responsibility to act on behalf of our children." 


Assembly Democrats are asking Governor Walker to call a Special Session of the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass AB 65/SB 34 Universal background checks, AB 597/SB 563 Prohibits individuals convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor from possessing a firearm, and AB 616 Bump stock ban.


“Policymakers at every level must act now in enacting common sense gun safety measures and do everything in our power to stop the senseless killing of children and community members,” said Chris Taylor. “We know that  there are many gun safety measures, including universal background checks, that can help stop gun violence and prevent dangerous individuals from getting a firearm. Enough is enough.”