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With Heat Peaking Between 98- 108 Dane County Executive Parisi Urges Planning

July 18, 2016
Stephanie Miller 267-8823
County Executive

                                         County Working To Ensure Everyone is Safe Through Weather

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today that the Dane County Departments of Emergency Management, Human Services, Alliant Energy Center and Public Works and Highway have taken many steps to support the safety of its citizens. 


“When we have excessive heat it is important we have a plan in place to ensure safety, said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “We are asking everyone to make a plan for this heat, drink plenty of water and reach out to loved ones and check on your neighbors and pets.”


Dane County works with other governments and non-profit organizations across the county who provide resources and services to assist residents coping with the heat.  When the National Weather Service advises excessive heat could impact Dane County, the Department of Emergency Management coordinates a quick, efficient, and organized response to citizen’s needs as needed.  The goal is to identify and address citizen’s needs before adverse impacts occur.


According to the National Weather Service: Dangerous heat is looking more likely to affect Wisconsin on Thursday and Friday.  Heat Index values are expected to peak in the 98 to 108 range across the entire state Thursday and across portions of central and all of southern Wisconsin on Friday.


Dane County’s Alliant Energy Center

This week marks the annual Dane County Fair, running Wednesday thru Sunday. One of the unique luxuries the Dane County Fair has is the 100,000sq ‘ Exhibition hall where it is always cool inside. Many of the 4-H and FFA exhibits are located in this air-conditioned building allowing for relief from the many other outside exhibits. One of the largest draws  to any County Fair is the livestock exhibits. Dane County has some of the best facilities in the Country for housing animals in warm weather. The New Holland Pavilions were engineered with animal comfort as the highest priority. The design using reflective ceiling panels makes these Pavilions much more comfortable on warm days. In addition, the ventilation system was designed for constant air movement allowing for the best well-being for animals and attendees.


Dane County’s Public Works and Highways

The Highway Department urges caution while driving in the late afternoon and evening as pavement can buckle, more commonly between 2:00 p.m. and sundown.  Anyone who sees pavement buckle on a state or county road is encouraged to call 911 and they will contact Dane County Highway staff to begin repairs.  With hot conditions expected, the Highway Department will be staffing up in anticipation of buckling occurring.


Dane County Human Services

Individuals who are homeless can utilize the Central Library, the Capitol, and Hospitality House during the day and the shelters at night to stay cool.  Bethel Lutheran Church also has programming on Thursdays.  For the general public who are in need of a cool place, the libraries and Capitol are also recommended as are the shopping malls, movie theaters, etc. and other air conditioned public facilities.  The Dane County Homeless Resources Guide lists daytime shelters and spaces where people without housing can keep cool, with hours of operation and resources offered: