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Dane County Community Restorative Court Offers an Information Session

June 29, 2016
Colleen Clark-Bernhardt Dane County Board of Supervisors Equity and Criminal Justice Coordinator 608.266.3022
County Board

DANE COUNTY-  The advisory board of the  Dane County Community Restorative Court (CRC)  will present  an opportunity to learn about recent research on restorative justice and  the structure, processes and outcomes of the CRC to date.  Representatives of the key partners and other members of the CRC Advisory Board will also be available for a question and answer session after this presentation.  The event will take place  on Friday,  July 1, 2017 at 9:30 am (Centro Hispano, Heroes Room). 


The CRC was developed after years of research and planning efforts by a number of stakeholders.  The Center for Court Innovation  hosted a collaborative team  from the City of Madison, Dane County, and the community to  visit  best practice sites in October 2014.  This collaborative  team returned to Dane County committed to moving the initiative  forward.  The CRC began formal operations in Spring of 2015.


The CRC is a restorative justice approach for 17-25 year olds facing misdemeanor violations.  It is a voluntary option for those who accept responsibility for actions which have  caused harm to the community.  The guiding principles of the CRC are: Repair Harm, Reduce Risk, and Rebuild Community.


This information session will provide a concise overview of restorative justice and review the history, structure and outcomes of the CRC.  It will be followed by  a question and answer session.  The specifics of cases -  both active and processed -  will not be discussed to maintain  confidentiality.


Dane County Community Restorative Court (CRC) Information Session:

July 1, 2017         9:30 am

Centro Hispano, Heroes Room

810 W Badger Rd, Madison, WI 53713