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County Executive Parisi: Acquisition Along Popular Fishery to Expand Recreation, Permanently Protect Long Stretch of Sugar River

January 22, 2015
Joshua Wescott, Chief of Staff, 608-266-9069
County Executive

More than 4,800 Feet of Water Frontage Part of 101 Acre

County Conservation Purchase Near Paoli


Dane County has another opportunity to protect a long stretch of the Sugar River, making more of the popular waterway open to the public for fishing and canoeing, County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.


Under a resolution that will be introduced to the Dane County Board this evening, the county is proposing to acquire more than 100 acres south of Paoli, a property that includes over 4,800 feet of frontage on the Sugar River.


"The Sugar River is one of those 'go-to' destinations for getting outside and enjoying all that is Dane County," Parisi said.  "Preserving this corridor means families for generations to come will be able to fish, camp, and canoe in and along the river."


The purchase comes nearly two years after the County's historic acquisition that forever protected more than 450 acres and several miles of the Sugar River just north of Paoli.  That property, now named the "Falk Wells Natural Resource Area," has since had parking areas developed to improve outdoor recreation and access to the river for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.


Plans are already in the works to have a trail go through the "Falk Wells Resource Area" and similar trails will likely be part of the new Sugar River property now eyed for preservation.


The proposed purchase price of $780,000 is based on a private appraisal of the 101 acre property.  In addition to having over 4,800 feet of river frontage, the land also has an overlook, wooded area, apple orchard and other natural features sure to make it a popular future destination for fishing and hiking.

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