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November 13, 2014
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Snowplow drivers offer safety tips & share experiences as winter hits

MADISON:  Today Dane County’s expert snowplow operators gave Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and reporters and photojournalists the opportunity to experience what it is like to drive a gigantic snowplow through an obstacle course of orange cones.


“Getting behind the wheel and maneuvering through a roundabout of cones in the plow was tough even at a slow speed without having  to also scoop snow,” Parisi said. “It gave me a new empathy for the rigor of what our plow drivers do for long hours during harsh Wisconsin storms to make our streets and highways safe for the public.”


Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division Administrator Dan Grasser presented a proclamation on behalf of DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb declaring Thursday Nov. 20thas Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day in Wisconsin. The proclamation highlights the important role plow drivers play in keeping people and commerce moving safely and efficiently throughout the winter season.


As part of a statewide training, snowplow operators competed in a far more complex Snowplow Rodeo course earlier this fall, where Dane County’s Paul Howard took third place. Howard and other drivers shared tips Thursday that they felt were the most important things they want the public to know – top among them is posted right on the trucks: Stay back 300’ from snowplow trucks. (Tip sheet attached.)

Public Works, Highway & Transportation director Jerry Mandli added: 
“Our drivers are professionals, they work holidays, weekends, during big ball games and are always ready to battle the storm.”