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Dane County Executive Parisi Recognizes Emergency Responders

February 12, 2016
Stephanie Miller 608-267-8823
County Executive

                          Dane County Emergency Services Set To Celebrate Achievements


MADISON- Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, Oregon Emergency Medical and Fire Services along with 911 dispatchers today recognized the efforts of the highly trained men and women who serve their communities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year prompt and effective emergency services. County Executive Parisi highlighted the story of a survivor who was saved because of the quick work of Dane County 911 dispatchers, Oregon Fire and EMS responders.

“Our emergency services network shows how well public services can work together for the betterment of all,” County Executive Joe Parisi said.  “Because Dane County’s emergency dispatchers, fire, police and medical service providers, work as a cohesive system they have saved the lives many of our community members.” 

This comes the day before a banquet honoring our responders. Saturday Dane County Emergency Management Services and Dane County EMS association will be honoring seven EMTs for over 30 years in EMS, and 49 for over 20 years in EMS, many volunteers. They will also be celebrating 31 survivors of cardiac arrest and their team of responders both 911, first responders and EMS.  Over 280 people will attend the banquet, including survivors, families of survivors, EMS personnel, 911 staff, hospital staff and county board supervisors.

Parisi noted the first step to getting the right medical care starts in the Dane County Public Safety Communications (911) Center where dispatchers use a template of questions that determines the severity of an emergency medical situation and can then in turn send appropriate help.  

Dane County Emergency Management helps coordinate a seamless network of emergency responders that team together, regardless of municipal boundaries, ensuring every day that those with the most critical emergencies receive the highest level of care.

Dane County ambulances also use what’s known as 12-Lead EKG technology, so even before a patient gets to a hospital doctors know whether cardiac surgery is needed - - bypassing the need for a patient to be evaluated in the emergency department.  The EKG printout detects what is happening with the heart and can show possible blockage, saving extensive time between the onset of symptoms and when arteries are opened.