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Dane County Alliant Energy Center Grounds to Get New Look by Night

February 16, 2015
Joshua Wescott, Chief of Staff, 608-266-9069
County Executive

More than 200 Brand New LED Lights to Illuminate Campus, Cut Energy Use and Costs


Dane County's Alliant Energy Center (AEC) will soon get a lighting makeover, a move that will significantly cut energy consumption and costs on the campus, County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.


The county plans to replace more than 200 lights used to light the parking lots and roads heading into the facility, with brand new LED lights.  The brand new lights will use one third the amount of energy of the fixtures used today, saving almost $35,000 a year.


"The AEC will look sharper, use less energy, and save money, making this project is a win across the board," County Executive Joe Parisi said.


The improvement is part of a series of efforts underway to enhance the AEC grounds, ensuring it remains an attractive, vibrant destination for events from across the nation.  


"These are exciting times for the AEC - - we continue to write contracts for new events booking our New Holland pavilions and a comprehensive review is underway of what we can do to spruce up the Coliseum to return it to the popular entertainment venue it once was," Parisi noted.


The County Executive's 2015 budget includes funding for development of new loading docks adjacent to the Coliseum, making it easier for concerts and other acts to set  up and use the facility.


The AEC lighting project is the latest effort to retrofit county facilities to cut energy use and operating expenses.


The cost of the new lighting will be around $300,000 and be paid for through Dane County's "Smart Fund," a county capital budget program that funds projects that improve energy efficiency.