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Third Youth Governance Class Get Committee Assignments

June 16, 2014
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County Board


For the third year, high school students from across Dane County will serve as youth representatives on County Board committees, attending meetings, participating in debates and casting advisory votes as members of the county’s Youth Governance Program.


“It’s so important for our future leaders to learn exactly what local government does, and how important it is,” said County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan. “These young people will one day lead companies, organizations and government agencies, and I’m sure many will run for office. This program is a wonderful step toward that future success. We also count these students as valuable members of our committees, as they bring a perspective and represent a constituency that we don’t hear from enough.”


At a ceremony and reception prior to the County Board’s June 12 meeting, Corrigan thanked the eleven members of the 2013/14 YGP class and welcomed eighteen members of the 2014/15 class, including twelve committee members and six alternates. Participants finishing their County Board Youth Representative duties included Briana Alives, Martha Longley, Elly Craig, Elise Drott, Jennifer Ortiz, Colin Paiva, Anna Fallon, Blair Karllson-Ellifson, Vishal Narayanaswamy, Samuel McCarville and David Severson.


“Despite the general American cynicism about government, local County government works exceedingly well,” said Narayanaswamy of Madison Memorial. “My time in YGP with the Dane County Board completely revitalized my faith in government. People can come together to achieve amazing things.”


Corrigan and the County Board welcomed the following students to participate during the 2014/15 academic year:

Isha Senghore, Madison West; Public Works and Transportation

Rogelio Avina Hernandez, Madison West; Public Protection and Judiciary

David Wilke, Madison West; Zoning and Land Regulation

Caleb Wilson, Madison West; Zoning and Land Regulation

Drake Deno, Middleton,; Health and Human Needs

Tammy Zhong, Middleton; Health and Human Needs

Henry Gaylord, Madison East; Personnel and Finance

Alexandra Tiger, Madison East; Personnel and Finance

Elly Craig, Homeschooled; Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Elise Drott, Madison East; Public Protection and Judiciary

Alder Levin, McFarland; Environment, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Samuel McCarville, Monona Grove; Public Works and Transportation


The following students will serve as alternates:

Brennan Martin, Middleton

Chase Cunniff, Middleton

Riley Boyce, Madison East

Angel Meyo, Madison West

Will Simonson, Madison West

Devin Sargent. Madison East

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