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County Board Supervisors: No raise for us, thanks

October 09, 2013
County Board Chair John Hendrick, 608.446.4842
County Board

The Personnel and Finance Committee of the Dane County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to recommend no pay raise for County Board supervisors for the next two years at its meeting Monday.


The measure came after the committee received a letter signed by 14 supervisors requesting no pay raise.


“In solidarity with our hardworking county employees, we the undersigned call for a supervisor pay freeze through April 2016,” the letter reads in part.


“I can’t, in good conscience, tell a social worker or highway worker or sheriff’s deputy that they don’t get a raise, and then take one myself,” said County Board Chair John Hendrick. “Our employees are the hardest working, most dedicated public servants I’ve had the privilege to meet. We are proud to stand beside them.”


County Supervisors are currently paid $8,200 per year.


County workers took a .75 percent pay cut in 2013, which has now been restored, and now have to contribute to their retirement funds, in the wake of Act 10, the state law that eliminated collective bargaining for public employees. County workers will see no pay increase in 2014 and may be forced to take another pay cut in 2015 based on state-imposed levy limits.


The letter delivered to the Personnel and Finance Committee also calls on County elected officials to take pay cuts, should County employees be forced to do so.


Supervisors Chuck Erickson, Tim Kiefer, Nick Zweifel, Maureen McCarville, Dorothy Krause, Jerome Bollig, Mary Kolar, Dave de Felice, Leland Pan, Matt Veldran, Robin Schmidt, Shelia Stubbs, Jeff Pertl, and Bill Clausius all signed the letter.


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