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County Executive Parisi Statement: Republican Push to Eliminate Prevailing Wage Would Create Barriers to Success, Opportunity

January 27, 2015
Joshua Wescott, Chief of Staff, 608-266-9069
County Executive


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi issued the following statement today regarding a proposal unveiled at the State Capitol to eliminate Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law.  The legislation was introduced by State Representative Rob Hutton (R, Brookfield). 


“State government should be looking for ways to strengthen our families rather than new ways to throw up barriers to success and opportunity.


“Looking for ways to decrease wages while too many people in our state are living paycheck to paycheck is absurd.


“The prevailing wage law is one of the most important protections for the hard working people in Wisconsin’s construction industry.


“If the legislature and Governor go along with this proposal, thousands of Wisconsin families who are working hard to maintain a middle class existence will be pushed aside.


“Once this protection is eliminated, a race to the bottom of the wage scale will begin; quality and safety will suffer.


“Of all the bad ideas that have come out of the State Capitol in the past five years, this is among the worst.”