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Dane County Takes Legal Action to Stop Town of Madison Continued Obstruction of Homeless Day Resource Cener

October 14, 2014
Melanie Conklin, Office of the Dane County Executive, 608.267.8823
County Executive


MADISON:  The following statement is from Dane County Executive Joe Parisi:


“At my direction, Dane County Corporation Counsel today filed a Notice of Claim with the Town of Madison regarding illegal conditions the Town is trying to impose upon the operation of a proposed day resource center for the homeless.  The Town of Madison continues to stonewall the operation of a day resource center at the exact location where services to the homeless have been provided for ten years. 


“A recent unanimous ruling by the Board of Adjustment confirmed continued use of 1409 Martin Street as a day resource center is a permitted use under zoning code.


“There are countless examples in the Town of Madison where social services are provided in facilities with the exact same zoning designation, including the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) shelter for victims of domestic violence.


“Our community needs a comprehensive day resource center and it is long overdue.  Through collaborations with private and public partners, we can meet critical needs in our community while being a good neighbor to the Town of Madison.


“The arrival of cooler weather is a reminder that some among us have needs that become more urgent as winter approaches. We have a responsibility to address them.


“I strongly urge the elected leaders of the Town of Madison to stop these legal battles and delay tactics and come together to work constructively to help serve our community.


“If the illegal conditions are not removed in response to the Notice of Claim, the County will then contemplate filing a lawsuit in Dane County Circuit Court.”