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Dane County Regional Airport Hosts National Commercial Production For Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

July 08, 2014
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 Dane County Regional Airport Hosts National Commercial
Production For Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Madison, WI – Dane County Regional Airport (DCRA) announced today that the airport facility is featured in a national Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) commercial with the launch of their new travel insurance product line. The entire commercial was filmed over two days this past spring, and included more than 40 actors and extras as well as 30 staff and crew. It features many of the beautiful and enjoyable spaces throughout the airport.

"In Dane County we are proud of the look and feel of our airport and we are glad that Berkshire Hathaway took note of it as well and chose Dane County Regional Airport as the setting to launch its new travel product campaign and showing a passenger’s relaxing airport travel experience," Dane County Executive Joe Parisi said.

DCRA was selected for filming due to the look and feel of the airport, and its proximity to the local BHTP office.

"We are honored that BHTP selected DCRA as a backdrop for their national product launch commercial," said Airport Director Bradley Livingston, AAE.

BHTP launched their new AirCare flight protection product campaign around one basic requirement: simplicity. The commercial follows "Peter" during his airport experience, and demonstrates many of the AirCare product benefits such as: paying travelers when they encounter travel problems like: tarmac delays and lost baggage, missed connections, baggage delays, and flight delays. Real-time trip tracking allows BHTP to see travel issues before they occur, to proactively secure other travel plans, and to process payments directly using the traveler’s bank or PayPal account.

The commercial was concepted by local advertising agency, Knupp, Watson, and Wallman (KW2). Film production was handled by ProVideo.

The AirCare product launched on June 1. To learn more and watch the commercial, visit: