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County Board Approves Labor Contract

June 30, 2014
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County Board


Agreement Through 2016 Includes Modest Hourly Increase

The Dane County Board of Supervisors on Thursday approved a new contract between the County and its largest employee union, extending a cooperative working relationship through 2016.


“We have a long tradition of respect for workers in Dane County, and I’m pleased to continue that tradition,” said Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan. “Our employees are hardworking, dedicated public servants who have earned that respect, not to mention a bit of a raise. I thank Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, his team, and AFSCME locals 705 and 720 for negotiating in a spirit of good faith and cooperation, and bringing us a contract we’re proud to approve.”


“The vast majority of Dane County citizens support collective bargaining and quality public services.  This agreement shows the wisdom of working together and honors Dane County values,” Shannon Maier, president of the joint council of AFSCME locals 705 and 720, said in a statement earlier this week.


The agreement includes the creation of a joint labor/management committee that will work to increase minority recruitment and retention in the county’s represented workforce – a key focus of the County Executive, County Board, and labor leaders.


The agreement also provides employees with a modest raise of $.22 per hour, paid for in part by savings the County will realize from changes in the employees’ health insurance plans. The parties maintain flexibility to revisit additional wage adjustments in August of 2015, depending on the County’s budget outlook at that time.


The county’s workforce is currently operating under an existing contract through 2014.  A one year agreement for 2015 was approved last year, despite restrictions imposed by the State of Wisconsin’s Act 10.


“Whatever anyone believes at the state level, we can do great things when we work together,” Corrigan added. “Here in Dane County, we continue to prove that every year.”

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