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Heavy Rains

June 26, 2013
J. McLellan 608 / 267-2542
Emergency Management



In response to the heavy rains, Dane County has been actively working with local units of government to address flooding issues.  The Department of Emergency Management has been soliciting damage information from local governments as well as identifying their immediate and expected needs with more rain in the forecast.


As of mid-day, sporadic damage to roadways and public areas has been reported across the county.  The damage reports were largely of flooded roadways with some downed trees and washed out road shoulders also reported.  There is no consistent pattern to the damage.


Citizens should remember that flood waters can be dangerous! 

  • Drivers need to slow down! Do not drive into standing water! Just a few inches of water can hide many road problems and debris. Debris can appear distorted or hidden by sand and water.
  • Saturated soils and severe weather can topple trees into power lines and across roadways.
  • Storm debris may be washed into and accumulate in roadways.
  • Severe weather may include high winds, lightning and hail. Persons should stay inside during severe weather events. If they must go outside, they should use extreme caution.
  • Keep children away from flood waters!  Flood waters are NOT SAFE to play in.


Citizens should:

  • Prepare their household (home, condo, apartment):
  • Clean gutters, drains, and drain ways.
  • Slope ground away from structures (landscaping).
  • Get belongings off basement floors (onto palates, shelving, etc.).
  • Check sump pumps – purchase a back-up unit!
  • Check their insurance.
  • Sewer back-up coverage.
  • Flood insurance coverage (note – there is a 30 day waiting period from purchase date until coverage activates!)


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