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2014 CALL FOR ART: The Shining Lights

June 23, 2014
Mark Fraire, Director Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission 608-266-5915


2014 CALL FOR ART: The Shining Lights


Attention Local Artists

The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission (aka Dane Arts) issues a call for visual artists to submit art for consideration and inclusion in the Dane Arts  2016 art calendar and 2015 art poster and companion bookmark.  Each year, thousands of calendars, posters, and bookmarks are distributed throughout Dane County and beyond.  They have become beloved icons that showcase brilliant work created by local artists and highlight the vitality of Dane County’s artistic and cultural landscape. 


Application Deadline 

September 16, 2014 (received in Cultural Affairs Commission office or postmarked) 



Original two-dimensional art in all mediums will be considered.  Artists must be Wisconsin residents at the time of application; Dane County artists receive strong preference.  New artists who have not been selected for past Cultural Affairs Commission publications are highly encouraged to submit work.  Selected original artwork must be available in case it needs to be re-photographed to meet production specifications.  If this step is required, Dane Arts will assist. 


Entry Checklist

All images submitted will be considered for selection.  Fourteen images likely will be chosen for the calendar and one or more images likely for the poster and bookmark.

·         Completed application form available at www.danearts.comor from Cultural Affairs Commission office

  • Submission fees are non-refundable (check payable to Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission):


Regular fee …………………                $25


  • Up to six images (slides or digital format) of recent artwork in any two-dimensional medium
  • Printed list describing work
  • Artist bio of 200 words (maximum)



Selected artists will be notified by December 31, 2014.  Wisconsin galleries representing selected artists also will be acknowledged, if desired.   

  • Selected artists will receive the following honorarium for reproduction rights in calendar, poster, bookmark, and promotions:

Calendar………………………$125 (per image)

Poster/bookmark………..               $500*

  • Selected artists also receive a small supply of free calendars, posters and bookmarks for personal distribution.

*Poster/bookmark honorarium subject to change based upon design.


The Shining Lights- 2014 Theme

Who, what, or where are the Shining Lights in Dane County?  What images can be created that exemplify what it means to be The Shining Lights and what good deeds from humankind can The Shining Lights represent?


Artistic interpretation of The Shining Lights can be literal or abstract. Art images might directly relate to one’s interpretation of The Shining Lights, or images of what The Shining Lights might represent be it a person, place, or thing.


Favored images will provocatively and positively evoke Dane County. Welcomed are broad and creative interpretations of The Shining Lights theme. Representation of the stories, history, and people of Dane County are desired.


Selection Criteria

Selection criteria applied by Dane Arts Art Advisory Committee include: 

  • Evocation and representation of Dane County cultural life
  • Artistic quality
  • Balance of seasonal representations of Dane County
  • Market appeal
  • Illustration of the theme


For Digital Images

  • Files must be submitted on a CD and oriented as you wish them to appear when projected
  • Images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi, with output size of approximately 5”x7” for calendar and larger output for poster)
  • JPEG format (preferably with sRGB color profile embedded) 
  • Each image must be labeled with the artist’s name and a number that corresponds to a printed list with the following information: 

*  Image number

*  Title of work

*  Date made

*  Medium

*  Dimensions (height x width)

*  Acknowledgement of gallery or owner, if appropriate 


Submitted images should be of highest quality possible, with color accuracy representing original artwork.

E-mail entries will not be accepted.


Send application and art submissions by 9/16/14:                    Contact info:             

Mark Fraire, Director                                                                              Mark Fraire, Director

Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission                                   Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission

Room 421, City-County Building                                                       608-266-5915

210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard                                   

Madison, WI  53703-3345                                                            

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