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County to Begin Bargaining on 2016 Contract

October 29, 2013
County Board Chair John Hendrick, 608.446.4842
County Board

The Dane County Board of Supervisors Personnel and Finance Committee has set the parameters for a County bargaining team to begin negotiations with labor unions representing its employees on a contract for 2016.


“For decades, Dane County has bargained with labor unions to achieve long term labor peace.  Over the past few years the County has also saved millions of dollars in the process,” said County Board Chair John Hendrick. “Our hardworking employees know we respect them, and they know what we can and can’t offer in tough budget times. By working together, we’ve always found solutions to compensate our valuable employees while saving taxpayer money, and we’ll continue to do so by continuing to work together.”


Dane County Judge Juan Colas has put on hold key provisions of Act 10, the state law that would eliminate most bargaining rights for public sector workers.


“Dane County has a strong reputation and tradition of supporting workers,” said Supervisor Nick Zweifel. “We believe that workers who have a voice at their workplace and who feel valued are ones who are productive and happy.  Our county AFSCME workers are our neighbors and friends and they help make Dane County the best county in Wisconsin to live in.”


“Collective bargaining ensures our workers have a voice,” said Supervisor Leland Pan. “It is the means to ensure a democratic, positive workplace environment.  We in Dane County know that this openness and inclusiveness is what makes our County work."


A meeting will be scheduled soon between the County bargaining team and AFSCME, the union which represents most County employees.


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