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County Executive Announces New Tentative One-Year Agreement With County Workforce for 2015

September 20, 2012
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County Executive

Negotiated Agreement Protects Workers, Creates Path to Save $5-Million for 2015


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today that his administration has negotiated a new, tentative one-year agreement with the county’s AFSCME employees that will provide the county financial flexibility in continued uncertain times while offering security for its workers.


“We are showing yet again that in Dane County we get more done by sitting down and working with people,” Parisi said.  “This agreement proves again you can protect both taxpayers and the people who go to work for them everyday and plow roads, care for kids, and keep our community great.  In Dane County we believe in using the right tools for the right job, and the Dane County Way has saved nearly $4 million dollars in the last two years of my administration.”


The tentative agreement for 2015 gives the county flexibility to achieve nearly $5-million county-wide in personnel savings if needed to preserve core public services.  These savings would be achieved by wage reductions of up to 1.9% (equivalent to five furlough or closure days) and employee participation in an unpaid voluntary leave program.  A similar voluntary time away program resulted in nearly $700,000 in savings for the County Executive’s budget this year.


“This agreement reflects two parties working together to best serve the public,” said Arlyn Halverson, President of AFSCME Local 65.


“We have worked cooperatively with Dane County for decades and have been there when needed,” said Shannon Maier, President of AFSCME Local 720  “We may not have chosen to use the Governor’s tools but we find these tools to be much more effective and there’s something to be said about hearing the voices of workers and problem solving together.”


“During our continued economic uncertainty, this tentative agreement is a clear signal from our workforce that they will continue their commitment to be part of the solution for years to come,” Parisi added.


The county’s workforce is currently operating under an existing contract through 2013.  A one year successor agreement for 2014 was also approved back in January of 2011.