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Arborist Day of Service at the Zoo

April 05, 2013
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Saves Dane County taxpayers thousands of dollars


The trees at Dane County’s Henry Vilas Zoo recently received much needed attention from the Dane County Regional Arborist group. The group volunteered their services to zoo this spring.


“Thanks to the many volunteers who spent the day trimming trees at the Henry Vilas Zoo, the zoo will be ready as more visitors start to come to the zoo to enjoy the warmer weather. Their efforts saved Dane County taxpayers thousands of dollars,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.


The work completed by Dane County Regional Arborists saved the zoo an estimated $18,000. The freshly trimmed trees will be enjoyed by over 700,000 people visiting the zoo this year.


“We cannot express enough thanks to Adam and the entire arborist community for coming together to help our free zoo. These types of services continue to help us improve your zoo experience and we look forward to continuing this great partnership,” said Zoo Director, Ronda Schwetz.


Henry Vilas Zoo would like to thank and recognize the following people, businesses, and departments for volunteering their time and expertise to help keeping the zoo a naturally beautiful and safe place through the Arborist Day of Service in March. 


This event was organized through the Dane County Regional Arborist group  and included participation from: Adam Alves, David Haag, Ryan Schwab, Jeff Gregerson, and Johnny Gordon from Dane County Parks and Land Water Resources; Joe House, Ricky Keller, and Luke Gray from Tree House Arbor Science; Evan Slocum from the Urban Tree Alliance; Justin Eckberg from Trees to Treasure; Colin Bugg of Gere Tree Inc.; Zac Eckberg and Mark Gawne from Wallace Tree Care; Randy Nelson and Ryan Dalsoren from the City of Stoughton Forestry.


The Dane County Regional Arborist group is dedicated to civic service and advancing arboriculture as an industry. Their mission is to provide activity based enrichment of the Greater Dane County Regional area through education, civic works, and networking within the industry. They are open to anyone who is interested in giving back to the community and the environment.  They will be back at the zoo for the Kids Climb during the zoo’s Earth Day celebration.