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County Executive Parisi Encourages Buying Local on Black Friday

November 21, 2012
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County Executive

County First Unit of Government to Join Dane Buy Local Organization


With holiday shopping starting earlier and earlier, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi urged the public to buy local on Black Friday to help support local businesses in the area and return valuable dollars to the county’s economy. 


Parisi was joined by leaders and retailers from Dane Buy Local, one of the largest economic development groups in Dane County representing over 650 members. 


“As ‘Black Friday’ quickly turns into ‘Black November,’ we’re reminded to think local during the holidays and every day,” said Parisi.  “Dane County’s small business innovators are a major driving force in our regional economy.  When we support them, they support us by helping build a  thriving and prosperous county.”


Dane Buy Local promotes thinking locally to create prosperous communities.  According to a recent study commissioned by Dane Buy Local, $73 of every $100 spent at a locally owned business remains in the local economy, versus $43 from a similar purchase at other businesses.   

These local purchases also contribute to Dane County sales tax revenues, dollars that fund essential human services such as those for people with developmental disabilities, as well as other critical public services including road repair, public safety, and more.


"Dane County has a strong commitment to buying locally and the members of Dane Buy Local are the back-bone of helping to move this economy forward. We are working to provide good quality jobs for the community.   Last year Dane Buy Local members saw a 7.2% increase in employment. This is a result of individuals and businesses supporting these local businesses." said Colin Murray, President of Dane Buy Local. "All we ask is that you consider a locally-owned business when making a buying decision, both during the holidays and throughout the year."

This year, Dane County became the first unit of government to join Dane Buy Local, continuing its efforts to support local business within county government.  Recently, the county announced plans to take its first steps in aiding the development of a new fresh food enterprise that could provide economic development opportunities and increased access to fresh market produce on Madison’s south side.

In addition, the county continues its work through the Institutional Food Market Coalition to link local farmers and producers with large food buyers like universities, hospitals, hotels, and conference centers.  Since that time, Dane County’s IFM has generated over $4.3 million in local food sales.

“Buying local is an investment in our community, by directly supporting our neighbors, business owners, and Wisconsin farmers,” said Dane County Supervisor and Chair of the Dane County Food Council, Jenni Dye.  “From the food on our tables to gifts exchanged, buying local is one more way to invest in our community.”

Last year, the Dane County Board passed a preferred purchasing ordinance amendment, authorized by Supervisor Kyle Richmond,  that would help local businesses competitively bid for a variety of contracts through the county.

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