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County Executive Directs County Resources to Monitor Extreme Drought Threat

July 10, 2012
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive 608.267.8823 or cell, 608.843.8858
County Executive

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi issued the following statement in response to worsening drought conditions in Dane County.


“Dane County is in the midst of a record drought that I fear poses a grave threat to the vitality of our county’s robust agricultural economy. 


“With these conditions Dane County faces significant crop loss and poor yields.  With forecasts of continued hot and dry weather for the next several days, there’s increasing concern that this drought is worsening and could have lasting impact in the years ahead.


“This drought will affect the livelihoods of many of our farm families and the county is prepared to do all we can to help. 


“I have directed staff in our county’s Land and Water Resources Department and UW-Extension office to begin regular meetings with our local U.S. Farm Service Agency officer.


“Their first meeting was this morning and there’s reason to believe significant damage has already been done to thousands of acres of cropland – especially in the southern parts of the county.  This damage will result in either greatly reduced or minimal yields on some fields.  Some may be a total loss.


“I am urging our farm families to contact their local crop insurance agent, if they have not already done so, before they make any decisions on what to do with their crops. 


“Our staff at Dane County UW-Extension also stands ready to help with any questions or concerns farm families have.  I encourage those in need of assistance to contact Extension at 608-224-3716 or the U.S. Farm Service Agency at 608-224-3767.”

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For the latest information on drought conditions and assistance, please visit Dane County UW-Extension’s drought information page at