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County to County: A Friendly Rose Bowl Wager: Dane County’s Hendrick, Santa Clara County’s Yeager Put Board Meeting Attire on the Line

December 26, 2012
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Incoming Dane County Board Chairman John Hendrick and Incoming Santa Clara (CA) County Board President Ken Yeager have entered into a friendly wager over the Rose Bowl, which pits the Wisconsin Badgers against the Stanford Cardinals, ranked sixth in the nation. Whoever loses the bet has pledged to wear the opposing team’s jersey at a County Board meeting.


“The good news is the colors are very similar,” said Hendrick. “I’m sure President Yeager will feel perfectly comfortable in a red jersey. It’ll just be that huge W on the front that’ll bother him.”


Wisconsin earned its Rose Bowl berth by winning its second straight Big Ten championship game. The  Stanford Cardinals are champions of the Pac-12.


“My predecessor didn’t have the best record,” Hendrick said, noting that current Board Chair Scott McDonell donned Oregon Ducks gear at a meeting last year and a Texas Christian University Horned Frog jersey the year before, both as a result of losing Rose Bowl bets with his counterparts in those counties. “I’m counting on our Badgers to turn the tide and keep the Stanford stuff out of our board room.”


Chairman Hendrick is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, both undergraduate and law school.  President Yeager is an alumnus of Stanford University and is also the author of Trailblazers: Profiles of America's Gay and Lesbian Elected Officials for which he interviewed Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin’s Senator-elect and another UW Law School alumnus.


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