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County Executive to Hold Series of Listening Sessions Regarding 2013 County Budget

August 31, 2012
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 843-8858
County Executive

First Session in Sun Prairie, September 10th; Verona on September 17th

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today that he will hold a series of listening sessions in September to allow residents to provide their input for his 2013 budget proposal.


Deep cuts from the state level, combined with the continued strain from the most restrictive levy cap in state history, continue to make the county budgeting process challenging for 2013.  It will cost Dane County $4-million more to provide the same services next year that it has in 2012.  State revenue caps mean the county can only legally levy taxes to cover 25% of that higher “cost to continue.”


“While we are in an improved position heading into next year, there is difficult work ahead to ensure our residents continue to receive the services they depend on and deserve,” Parisi said. “Because we projected revenues conservatively, negotiated savings with our workers, and created effective partnerships to fund services, we start our work on the 2013 with a strengthening county fiscal foundation.”


The County Executive has been working since January on ways to secure savings for next year’s budget.  Parisi negotiated agreements with county workers, saving nearly $2-million for next year even before the 2013 budgeting process started.  Parisi noted there is additional uncertainty heading into next year given the unknowns of the next state biennial budget that will likely become law about halfway through next year.


Two of the listening sessions will be done jointly with the Dane County Board and focus primarily on the proposed human services budget – human services account for nearly 50% of Dane County’s nearly $500 million budget.  The other two sessions will take place in Sun Prairie on September 10th, and Verona on September 17th, respectively.  A full list of budget listening session dates and locations can be found below.


For his 2013 budget, the County Executive asked every department in county government to submit budget reduction proposals from 1% to 2%.  In the weeks ahead, the County Executive will review these proposals, and seek input from the public, to complete his 2013 budget proposal for introduction in October.


Dane County Budget
Scheduled Listening Sessions


Monday, September 10th
6:00pm – 7:30pm             
Colonial Club Senior Center                                                      
301 Blankenheim Lane                                                                
Sun Prairie                                                                                         

Monday, September 17th
6pm – 7:30pm
Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli Street


Wednesday, September 12th   
6pm – 8pm
Alliant Energy Center                                                                   
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way                                               

Wednesday, September 19th
6pm – 8pm
Alliant Energy Center
1919 Alliant Energy Center Way


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