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County Hires Firm to Oversee Implementation of County Executive’s Comprehensive Solid Waste Strategy

September 04, 2012
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County Executive

Will Execute Plan to Extend the Life of the County’s Current Landfill 30 Years


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today that the county has selected local company TRC Environmental Corporation to oversee the implementation of his comprehensive solid waste strategy to extend the life of the county’s existing landfill another 30 years. 


The three-tiered plan will expand recycling in the county and eliminates the need for development of a new landfill site, preventing the loss of another 200 acres of prime farmland and a $100-million bill for local taxpayers.


“The next critical phase in my effort to extend the life of the county’s landfill another 30 years and save millions in taxpayer dollars is underway,” said Parisi.  “This expansion will make the hardest working landfill in the state even more productive.  Our landfill already generates millions in electricity from decaying garbage, and saves county taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars by converting trash to cleaner, cheaper, compressed natural gas for the county’s vehicle fleet.”


TRC Environmental Corporation was awarded the $485,200 contract after the approval of the County Executive and Dane County Board last month.  The firm will be responsible for the implementation of the third phase of the comprehensive solid waste strategy – the expansion of the county’s current landfill at its existing site.


TRC will design and execute the project’s timeline, including design work, compliance with the state’s permitting process, cost and revenue projections, and the public outreach and approval process.


The first two phases of the comprehensive solid waste strategy are already underway.  A new system is now online that will accelerate the decomposition of garbage in the landfill, creating additional space for more garbage.  This will help the County continue to capture the methane gas given off by trash and use it to generate electricity while greatly reducing air pollution.


The County Executive broke ground on the second phase in July, construction of a new $4-million recycling center that will greatly expand the county’s recycling efforts while making the popular ‘Clean Sweep’ program operate year-round.  The new facility will result in a 40% reduction in the amount of waste that goes into the landfill.

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