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County Executive Parisi Announces Tentative Contract With Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

August 27, 2012
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Agreement Completes Negotiations by Parisi Administration with County Workforce, Saving Nearly $2-Million Heading into 2013 Budget


A tentative agreement with the Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association will help achieve more budget savings for 2013, and continues the county’s commitment to working with its workers, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today.


Pending approval by the Dane County Board, the agreement with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, recently ratified by its more than 400 members, will amount to a savings of $430,000 for next year.  This total, combined with previous agreements negotiated by the County Executive’s administration with the county’s workforce, means nearly  $2 million in savings for county taxpayers in 2013.


“Our employees have always been the first ones to step up and ask how they can be a part of the solution during difficult economic times,” said Parisi.  “Our partnerships with our workforce, their sacrifice not only this year, but over the last several years, has helped protect vital services for the citizens of Dane County.”


The tentative agreement reached with the Deputy Sheriff’s Association contains similar provisions negotiated with the county’s other unions, including a gradual phase-in of employee retirement contributions in 2013.  This provision is essentially a salary freeze – the Sheriff’s Deputies will make the same salary in 2014 that they make today.  The agreement also includes modifications to the uniform allowance that deputies receive annually.


“Members of the Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association have been contributing to pensions for many years by giving up wage increases in exchange for retirement security.  With the passing of Acts 10 and 32 our Association believed it was prudent to enter into this new agreement to give employees a piece of mind by having a contract in place with Dane County" said Todd Endl, President of Dane County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.


Endl added, “We believe the work done by the Association to collectively bargain a reasonable working agreement with the County continues to reinforce that the collective bargaining process works for both parties as well as the Citizens of Dane County. In this current environment, Dane County and their employees continue to show it’s possible to respond in tough economic times by negotiating, without sacrificing values or our shared commitment to quality public services.”


Since the beginning of the year, the County Executive’s administration has successfully negotiated agreements with the county’s AFSCME and SEIU locals, as well as with the county’s attorneys, trades unions, and law enforcement supervisors union that have approached nearly $2 million in savings for 2013. 

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