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County Executive Parisi Signs Concealed Carry Protections for Residents, Law Enforcement

September 21, 2011
Casey Slaughter Becker, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 843-8858
County Executive


Dane County Executive Joe Parisi signed protections for citizens and law enforcement who use county facilities Tuesday, allowing for posted signage prohibiting concealed weapons in county owned buildings and at special events on county owned grounds. 


The County Executive called for the county’s resolution, taking action earlier this summer as state concealed carry legislation was in the process of quickly becoming law.  The county resolution was passed by the Dane County Board at their last meeting on an overwhelming vote.


“This resolution is necessary to protect those who visit and work in county buildings every day,” said Parisi.  “Citizens shouldn’t have to worry about concealed guns when they travel at the airport or take their families to the zoo.  My thanks go to Chair McDonell and the members of the Dane County Board for their timely passage of this resolution.”


The county resolution initiates the posting of signage prohibiting concealed weapons in county owned buildings including the terminal of the Dane County Regional Airport, the City County Building where residents apply for marriage licenses or vote early, or enclosed animal habitats at the zoo such as the Primate House. 


Outdoor county property, including parks and trails, cannot be posted under the state’s concealed carry law.  However, the county resolution can ban concealed carry at special events that occur at outdoor venues such as the zoo, parks, and Alliant Energy Center.  Those who attempt to carry a concealed weapon into prohibited areas after being warned not to do so could face legal action.

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