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Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission and Dane County Parks Announce Special Grant Award

September 09, 2010
Karen Crossley, 608-266-5915 or Laura Guyer 608-224-3765
County Executive

To VSA Wisconsin to create mural for shelter at Dane County’s Jenni & Kyle Preserve


The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, in partnership with Dane County Parks, is awarding a special grant in the amount of $15,000 to VSA Wisconsin, a statewide organization headquartered in Madison, dedicated to expanding the capabilities, confidence and quality of life for children and adults with disabilities by providing programs in dance, drama, creative writing, music and visual art.  A community engagement project led by VSA Wisconsin will result in a colorful mosaic mural based upon the theme of four seasons permanently displayed at the shelter of the Jenni & Kyle Preserve located on the southern edge of Madison near Fitchburg and linked to the Nine Springs E-Way Corridor. 

The Preserve’s focus is upon serving people with disabilities and creating universally accessible opportunities for all visitors to connect with the natural environment.  Design and creation of the new mural align well with these goals. 

VSA Wisconsin plans to conduct two artist residencies led by talented, experienced local teaching artists, Megan Cain and Marcia Yapp, and coordinated by VSA Wisconsin Program Director, Dana Slowiak, at two sites engaging dozens of individuals in production of the artwork.  Students with disabilities at Walbridge School in Madison and adults with disabilities at a local organization will create large-scale mural sections, along with assistance from community volunteers, to be installed prominently and permanently on the Preserve’s shelter wall.  Work on the project will commence this fall, with installation and celebration of the mural on site by next summer. 

Kathie Wagner, VSA Wisconsin President said, “To have been chosen to lead this mural project is a great honor.  The project aligns perfectly with our mission and will highlight the artistic talents of students and adults with disabilities.”  

“The Jenni and Kyle Preserve offers our most vulnerable friends and neighbors opportunities for outdoor rest and relaxation and this beautiful new mural will be a fabulous addition to that experience,” County Executive Kathleen Falk said.

This special mural project is a public-private partnership in alignment with the missions of both the Cultural Affairs Commission and Dane County Parks and their long-standing tradition of serving citizens countywide.

“The mural will symbolize the spirit and beauty of the Jenni and Kyle Preserve,” said William Lunney, Chair of the Dane County Park Commission, “We are excited to see the project led by the talents of VSA Wisconsin and we thank the family of Jenni and Kyle for their generous donations that have made the Preserve and mural possible.”

For more information, see www.culturalaffairscommission.comor contact Karen Crossley, Cultural Affairs Commission Director, Room 421 City-County Building, Madison, 608-266-5915.

For more information on VSA Wisconsin and the Jenni and Kyle Preserve, see www.vsawis.organd


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