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Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission Announces NEW Special Grant Opportunity

April 19, 2010
Karen Crossley, 608-266-5915
County Executive

Create mural for shelter at Dane County’s Jenni & Kyle Preserve

The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, in partnership with Dane County Parks, offers a special, one-time grant opportunity related to creating a mural at the shelter of the Jenni & Kyle Preserve located on the southern edge of Madison near Fitchburg and linked to the Nine Springs E-Way Corridor.  Please see for more information about the Jenni & Kyle Preserve and its shelter.

Final product is a lasting , distinctive, colorful, creative mural approximately 11.5 feet wide and 9.3 feet high permanently displayed on the preserve’s existing shelter.  Vision for the mural should be consistent with goals and purpose of the Jenni & Kyle Preserve, and reflect alignment with new interpretive preserve signage.  Ideally, youth will be involved in designing and creating the mural.  The Preserve’s focus upon serving people with disabilities and creating universally accessible opportunities for visitors to connect with the natural environment should be interwoven within the mural’s creative process and design. 

Grant application deadline is June 1, 2010.  The Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission website contains more details about this special, one-time grant opportunity and how to apply (  This mural project is a public-private partnership in alignment with the mission and long-standing tradition of serving citizens countywide by the Cultural Affairs Commission and Dane County Parks.

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