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Non-Essential Dane County Government Services Closed Friday, February 26th

February 23, 2010
Joshua Wescott, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

This Friday is First of Four County Furlough Days in 2010

Per 2010 labor contracts reached with all Dane County employee unions, Dane County’s non-essential government services will be closed on Friday, February 26th.  It’s the first of four established furlough days in 2010 - - the others are April 2, September 17, and October 22.

On those four days, 24/7 operations like the Dane County Sheriff’s Department, Public Safety Communications (911) and Badger Prairie Health Care will all operate normally. 

These four set furlough days are in addition to four other floating personal days (total of 8 days off in 2010) that county employees received in exchange for agreeing to a one-year 3% wage reduction. 

“These voluntary agreements saved taxpayers $4.7 million and ensured our county could continue to offer the highest quality public safety and human services despite historic declines in the sales tax and economic revenue needed to pay for those services,” County Executive Kathleen Falk said.  She noted that more than 70% of the county budget each year funds human services or public safety programs like the Sheriff’s Department and 911.

Signs have been posted for several weeks at the main entrances of county offices to help give the public advance notice that non-essential county government services will be closed this Friday.

County operations will resume as normal on Monday, March 1st.

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