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Dane County Purchase Links Popular Recreation Destinations

September 04, 2008
Joshua Wescott, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

New Trail to Connect Cave of the Mounds, Military Ridge State Trail, Blue Mound State Park, Brigham County Park Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced the final acquisition of land that will link several popular recreational destinations in southwest Dane County. A bike trail will be developed connecting the Military Ridge State Trail with Cave of the Mounds, a national natural landmark, to Brigham County Park and Blue Mound State Park. “By connecting these popular destinations, families will be able to enjoy a range of recreational activities from swimming, to picnicking to touring the Cave of the Mounds and they’ll be able to do it all by bike,” Falk said. “This trail will help showcase some of the best parks and natural areas of Dane County.” The property will be purchased through the County’s Conservation Fund, which supports the acquisition of lands identified in the Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan. The County will seek state grant dollars to help offset the approximately $576,000 purchase price. The current acquisition is approximately 36 acres that tie in directly to Brigham County Park. Various highpoints on the property offer incredible views of the surrounding landscape, including Blue Mound State Park. “We wanted to preserve the beauty and views of this magnificent piece of land and when the county offered to purchase it from us it was a perfect way for us to achieve that goal. It’s an ideal fit for the completion of the bike trail and for the extension of Brigham County Park,” said the sellers, Michael and Ann Albert and family. Prior acquisitions for the trail include a conservation easement around Cave of the Mounds that includes a public trail right of way that was purchased by the County with assistance from the Natural Heritage Land Trust. That’s in addition to 100 acres purchased by the County to connect Brigham County Park to Blue Mound State Park. Mark Rooney, a representative and co-owner of Cave of the Mounds, stated that, "I am also excited for trail users who will soon be able to experience this very significant addition to Brigham County Park while enjoying an entirely off-road biking or hiking experience that is both fun and safe." Once the land is secured, the County will begin detailed planning for the trail that will include a timeline for construction. A resolution authorizing the purchase will be introduced at the County Board meeting on September 4th and is expected to be on the agenda for a vote in October. # # #