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City, County Adding New Resources to Keep Lakes, Beaches and Shorelands Clean

October 08, 2007
George Twigg, (608) 266-4611 (Mayor’s Office) Joanne Haas, (608) 267-8823 (County Executive’s Office)
County Executive

Madison – The City of Madison and Dane County are teaming up to add new resources for keeping area lakes, beaches and shorelands clean, according to Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and County Executive Kathleen Falk. Both the Mayor and County Executive included funding for the new initiative in their 2008 executive operating budgets. The collaborative city-county effort calls for Dane County to purchase a barge and crane for $80,000, and for the City of Madison to provide $20,000 in funding for the crew necessary to operate the barge and crane. The equipment will be used to improve cleanup efforts for area beaches and shorelands that cannot be adequately served with existing equipment and personnel. “This collaboration is a major step forward in improving the quality of our lakes, beaches and shores,” said Mayor Cieslewicz. “Our lakes are one of the things that define Madison as a community, and their quality is a major concern to all of us. This is the latest step we are taking in collaboration with Dane County to improve the water quality of our lakes, and the cleanliness of our beaches and shores.” Executive Falk agreed, adding the quality of lakes has been a top concern of Dane County citizens since she took office more than 10 years ago. “This initiative also will help us work with volunteer groups and individuals who want to help keep our lakes clean – and we are lucky in the county to have many at the ready to help,” she said, adding the county and city also work together on improving stormwater outfalls. The City of Madison and Dane County will make the new equipment and crew available to other municipalities subject to availability and upon the receipt of additional funds to cover employee costs. The City and County executive budgets are subject to review and approval by the Madison Common Council and Dane County Board respectively. # # # # #