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Dane County Land & Water Resources Department Seeks Input for 2006-11 Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan

February 10, 2006
Lesley Sillaman, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

Madison -- Dane County Land & Water Resources Department (LWRD) is in the process of gathering input from local units of government and County residents to update the Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan. The plan must be updated every 5 years by state law for the County to remain eligible for Department of Natural Resources (DNR) grant funding. Update of the plan includes identifying significant natural, cultural, and historical resources in the County to be considered for protection. The planning process also seeks to identify major recreation needs for Dane County residents that will help guide future park and trail development projects over the next 5 years. "Citizen input is vital and ensures our county protects the resources most important to citizens," said Falk. All residents of Dane County are encouraged to submit comments/suggestions for the update through March 31st, 2006. Recommendations may include anything related to protection of historic, cultural, water and land resources, or any other park, recreation facility or trail development project that would help Dane County better provide for the needs of it’s residents. The plan will be prepared through a comprehensive public process and eventually acted upon by the Dane County Board of Supervisors and Executive. Plan recommendations that are adopted may be eligible for the Dane County Conservation Fund grant program. This grant program provides matching grants to local units of government and non-profit organizations to acquire lands identified in the plan. Dane County Parks will facilitate 5 public listening sessions throughout the County in February and March to gather input on the plan. Sessions will be held at 7:00pm at Town halls in Sun Prairie on February 23th, Springfield on February 28th, Springdale on March 9th, Pleasant Springs on March 15th, and the Lussier Family Heritage Center on March 23rd. The entire 2001-05 Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan is available on the County web page for review including an online feedback form at: Or contact the Dane County Parks Planner at: Dane County Parks Attn: Chris James 1 Fen Oak Court Room 234 Madison, WI 53718 Phone: 608.224.3763 # # #