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Dane County Residents Advised to Watch Out for Deed Rip-off

November 29, 2007
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Misleading Letters from Out-of-State Firm Arriving in Local Mailboxes (Madison)…Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and County Register of Deeds Kristi Chlebowski held a news conference Thursday advising county residents to be on the look out for a misleading letter encouraging them to purchase over-priced copies of their property deeds. “We want residents to be aware that some Dane County households are receiving letters from a Illinois company that’s needlessly trying to get people to spend $69.50 for a service the county offers for a few dollars,” Falk said. After similar rip-offs were reported in the Green Bay area and also by residents in Green and Rock Counties, Falk and Chlebowski held a news conference back in August to alert citizens of the possibility it could surface in Dane County. Within the past day, the County Executive’s office has received the first reports of Dane County citizens being targeted by the same out of state company. “What this company is offering to do for $69.50 the County Register of Deeds office will handle for $3 to $6,” Chlebowski said. “While there’s little reason for people to have a copy of their deed, those interested in obtaining one can simply pick up the phone, stop down in our office, or access us online.” The letters come from a company called “National Deed Service Inc.” The company lists a Northbrook, Illinois address as the place for people to send check or credit card payments to. “The work done by our Register of Deeds office is one of many accessible and inexpensive services offered by County government,” Falk said. “This very misleading letter is one case where people shouldn’t believe what they read.” Persons interested in obtaining a copy of their deed can call 266-4144 or email the Register of Deeds at # # #
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