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Dane County Executive Falk remarks at today’s swearing-in ceremony for county officials

January 02, 2007
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County Executive

(Editors/Reporters: Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today delivered these remarks at today’s 10 a.m. swearing-in ceremony for newly elected and re-elected county officials.) “On behalf of Dane County’s citizens, I extend the heartiest congratulations and best wishes to both our 3 newly elected and to our 4 re-elected county officials: -- Carlo Esqueda, Clerk of Circuit Courts -- John Stanley, Coroner -- Robert Ohlsen, County Clerk -- Brian Blanchard, District Attorney -- Kristi Chlebowski, Register of Deeds -- David Mahoney, Sheriff -- David Gawenda, Treasurer You have varied responsibilities but all are incredibly important. They are important because you serve our residents at the most important points of their lives. When they are the happiest, the saddest, the maddest, the most vulnerable, the most determined, they are in your office seeking your help. Just think of some of the examples you encounter or will soon encounter every day. The couple buying their marriage license from County Clerk Bob Ohlsen; that same couple recording the deed for their first house with Register of Deeds Kristi Chlebowski. An older couple working with Treasurer Dave Gawenda to manage property taxes to stay in their home; the citizen dealing with a fraudulent business deal through the courts system as managed by Clerk of Courts Carlo Esqueda. The victim of crime seeking help from Sheriff Dave Mahoney and District Attorney Brian Blanchard. Finally, a bereaved family comforted by our Coroner, John Stanley. Each of you now holds an office with a proud and long tradition of extending itself to help and support all the people who seek your assistance. Please be assured that the County Board and I have and always will support you in those efforts. We, together, serve a county whose population is growing 6,500 a year, more than any other county in the state. And we face each day an ever-changing world and set of challenges. I so look forward to working with you to meet these challenges to continue to make our county a special place to live. I congratulate you, again, on this most important day. # # #