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Dane County Mental Health Innovator to Retire

July 18, 2005
Lynn Green, 242-6469 or Lesley Sillaman, 267-8823
County Executive

David LeCount, manager of the Dane County Human Services Department’s Adult Mental Health program, has announced his retirement, effective July 29th, 2005. LeCount, who has worked for the county for 27 years, is widely recognized as an innovator and leader in the development of the nationally acclaimed Dane County adult mental health system. “David LeCount put the Dane County adult mental health system on the map, making it a national leader, guiding the development of community-based treatment programs and support services to help people with mental illnesses to recover and live in the community instead of being hospitalized or institutionalized,” said County Executive Kathleen Falk. During his time with Dane County, LeCount has guided the development of Dane County’s nationally respected and acclaimed adult mental health system, demonstrating exceptional vision and innovation and an ability to bring administrators, professionals, consumers and family members together to help them identify shared goals, and keep them working cooperatively for the common good. Some of David’s most notable accomplishments include: · Development of a continuum of community based treatment programs that offer different approaches and levels of intensity, enabling a range of service options to be available for consumers. · Creation of supportive services that are alternatives to inpatient hospitalization which have kept Dane County’s inpatient costs to only 15% of total budget, which is substantially under the national average. · Stressing the importance of work services, recognizing that being productive enhances self worth, combats poverty, and reduces isolation. · Identifying new revenue sources that have helped sustain key programs in fiscally tight times. · Valuing and promoting recovery concepts and bringing consumers to the table as providers, planners and decision makers. “David’s personal commitment, professionalism and track record of success will be difficult to replace and will be dearly missed by all those associated with the Dane County adult mental health system,” said Falk. ###