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County Executive Falk Announces $60,000 in Grants Available to Municipalities for Bike Projects

March 23, 2006
Lesley Sillaman, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

Madison – Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced $60,000 in grants are available to cities, towns and villages through the county’s “Bicycle Paths” fund for bicycle-related projects in 2006. “We are a ‘biking’ county - these grants create even better and safer bike rides,” said Falk. In the past, grants have been used to fund projects such as the City of Verona’s Pedestrian/Bike Bridge over the Badger Mill Creek, the Town of Middleton’s West Middleton Elementary School Underpass that constructed an underpass below CTH S/Mineral Point Road near the West Middleton Elementary School, and the Village of Brooklyn’s Bicycle Safety Day, where children were educated on basic safety rules, ran an obstacle course, licensed bikes, watched an instructional video and had their bicycles inspected. Grant applications are due April 10, 2006 and must meet the criteria detailed on the attached memo, which was sent to all Dane County municipal clerks. For more information, contact Pam Dunphy, Assistant Commissioner of the Dane County Department of Public Works, Highway and Transportation at 608/266-4036. This year, the Department of Public Works, Highway and Transportation has approximately $60,000 available in its 2006 "Bicycle Paths" fund which may be used by local municipalities for various bicycle-related projects. Application for these funds and selection of qualifying projects will be covered by the following criteria: 1. A municipality must make written application to this department no later than April 10, 2006. The application shall describe the proposed project, state the estimated cost, and provide a time schedule for the work to be completed. 2. No more than $30,000 (50% of the total available funds) may be requested by any one municipality during the initial application period. 3. Proposed funding per project shall be limited to a maximum 75% by the County and a minimum 25% by the requesting municipality. The County's share may be reduced from the proposed 75% maximum if the total of all acceptable applications exceeds the approximate $60,000 available funds. 4. Projects eligible for consideration may include, but are not limited to, the following: bicycle safety and educational programs; bike path maps and/or brochures; bike route signs; bike parking facilities; railroad crossing improvements to aid bicyclists; shoulder paving of roadways; bike route pavement markings; and separate off-roadway bike trails. 5. Ineligible items include lighting, maintenance activities, major landscaping, and major land acquisitions. 6. Applications will be reviewed with particular consideration given to the following factors: (a) Anticipated bicycle use (b) Overcoming safety problems (c) Providing a linkage with other bikeway routes (d) Complementing area development activities (e) Clarity of project purpose (f) Completeness of application request 7. The Public Works and Transportation Committee will make final selection of accepted projects. 8. Work on a project must be initiated and completed within the prescribed dates (i.e. The MUNICIPALITY agrees to initiate work on the PROJECT on or before the 30th day of August, 2007, with all work to be completed within 12 months thereafter) of the signed agreement. If not initiated and completed within the prescribed dates of the signed agreement, the approval lapses and a new application will be required. 9. The scope or extent of a proposed project may be modified by agreement between the Public Works and Transportation Committee and the municipality. 10. If funds are still available after the initial application period, the Public Works and Transportation Committee will consider additional projects on a first-come-first-consider basis. At such time, variances in the 75-25% funding provision may be considered. 11. If formal agreements for projects that are selected for funding are not executed and returned to Dane County Highway by November 1, 2006 they will be withdrawn and the funds carried over for the following year's allocation. If you have any questions on this matter, feel free to call Pamela Dunphy, Assistant Commissioner, at 266-4036. Please remember that applications are to be submitted by April 10, 2006 if they are to be considered in the initial round of funding. # # #