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Dane County Releases Updated Tornado Costs, Relief Fund Information

August 30, 2005
Lesley Sillaman 608-267-8823 Stoughton Area Tornado Reference 0830-01
County Executive

Madison - Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today released the following numbers, which are updated approximate totals of the costs incurred by Dane County for response and cleanup efforts after the Stoughton area tornado. Dane County's expenses include costs for equipment, salaries and wages, and overtime for County employees assisting in the effort. These numbers are for Dane County government only and do not include damages to private property or the response and clean-up costs incurred by the local governments. Total: $461,661 Emergency Management Department $14,829 Human Services Department $3,216 Public Health Division $8,538 Land Information Office $2,270 Parks Department $29,600 Dane County 911 $337 Public Works and Highway Department $237,456 Dane County Sheriff’s Department $165,415 ** Note: Costs are current as of 8/30/05 except for the Public Works and Highway Department numbers, which are projections until the end of this week, Friday, 9/2/05. Other information: · Most area banks are now accepting donations for the Stoughton Area Tornado Relief Fund. Check with your local bank to find out if they are participating. Donations can also be sent to Wells Fargo Bank at 911 W. Main Street, Stoughton, WI 53589. · There will be no door-to-door, phone or other solicitations. · The Stoughton Community Foundation will be organizing and overseeing the formation of a local board to disseminate the donations. · Volunteer needs at the community level are presently being meet. Volunteers will be needed in the future to facilitate clean up in crop fields and waterways. ###