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Dane County Executive Falk and Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz Announce Joint Relief and Planning Efforts for Hurricane Katrina

September 07, 2005
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Madison – Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz today joined local community organizations to announce the planning efforts of the county, city, state and local groups in response to Hurricane Katrina. Our area has been asked by state and national officials to be “on call” and prepared for citizens. The state has informed county officials that the Milwaukee area has begun accepting the first citizens – no further details have been provided for if or when the Dane County area may be needed. On Tuesday, the county organized efforts to meet with the city, state and local community groups, including the United Way, the American Red Cross, St. Vincent de Paul, and local hospitals and medical centers to determine what needs citizens might have when they arrive in Dane County. County Executive Falk made calls to the Governor’s Office and to Wisconsin State Emergency Management to offer our assistance and pledge the county’s cooperation as part of a coordinated plan to help victims of the hurricane. There are ongoing efforts to coordinate the following issues: · Transportation needs from the moment the evacuees arrive, whether it is by air or bus and to and from housing locations · Establishing a chain of communication · Housing areas for families · Food donation coordination · Clothing donation coordination · Public health needs and the health needs of the evacuees, including medications and continuing medical care · School needs for children of evacuees · Law Enforcement and security needs and coordination “This is a disaster of national proportions, and Madison is going to do its part to support the families who have literally lost everything,” said Cieslewicz. “Although we do not yet know exactly how or when our community will be called on to assist these families, we will be prepared to get them the help they need to get back on their feet.” “Three weeks ago our community was hit by a devastating tornado,” said Falk. “Since our citizens have started to re-build their lives and many of us are helping them to do so, we have some sense of what the victims of the hurricane are going through. We are eager to help them. We are working in a coordinated, organized way to prepare to welcome any of those who were affected by the hurricane.” The State of Wisconsin has the following website set up with information on donations Also, the following organizations have offered support: Society of St. Vincent de Paul (608) 278-2920 United Way of Dane County 211 or (608) 246-HELP or Salvation Army (608) 345-0191 American Red Cross 1-877-LOVED-1S or 1-888-HELP-NOW