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Dane County Advises Caution When Spreading Liquid Manure

January 03, 2008
Joshua Wescott, 267-8823 or Kevin Connors, 224-3730
County Executive

Madison – Dane County reminds all agricultural producers who apply stored, pumpable liquid manure on frozen or snow-covered cropland to use extreme caution in the coming days as temperatures are forecasted to reach into the upper 40s. The warmer temperatures along with the threat of rain will create ideal conditions for manure runoff. The Dane County Department of Land & Water Resources recommends that, if possible, farmers stop applying stored, pumpable liquid manure until colder temperatures return. Liquid manure applied during the winter months can pose serious runoff threats to surface waters. Snow-covered or frozen croplands may not allow for manure to be properly incorporated into the soil, resulting in manure runoff during thawing events. Dane County experienced two such events in 2005 resulting in a major fish kill and significant pollution in the Lake Mendota Watershed. Winter spreading of liquid manure is regulated in Dane County and permits must be obtained from the Dane County Land & Water Resources Department. Producers who apply solid manure are also urged to use extreme caution in spreading this substance over the next few days. For further questions, please contact the Dane County Land Conservation Division at 224-3730. # # #