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County Executive Falk and County Register of Deeds Warn Consumers: Don’t Get Ripped Off with Deed Offer

August 07, 2007
Topf Wells, Office of County Executive, (608) 266-9069
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and Dane County Register of Deeds Kristi Chlebowski (Klә’-bow-ski) today warned Dane County residents to avoid a rip-off being circulated in nearby counties. The two officials referred to letters mailed last week to Kenosha and Rock County residents by National Deed Service Incorporated (an Illinois company) offering homeowners a certified deed to their house for $60. Falk said, “We’re concerned because this same service is and has always been available through our County Register of Deeds’ office for about $3 - $6. Chlebowski added, “If someone needs a certified deed, there are two easy, convenient ways to get one. First, it’s a 5-10 minute process at our office in the CCB. Otherwise, a person can call us at 266-4144 or email us at; we then provide them with the information they need to order one by mail. We process requests by mail on the same day they arrive. In both cases, the cost is $3 - $6. “With these letters beginning to circulate in southern Wisconsin but not, as far as we know, in Dane County, we want to warn people not to waste money on a service that is already readily available and very inexpensive,” Chlebowski said. She added, “Nowadays, there is almost no reason for a homeowner to need a copy of a certified deed for his or her house.” “Our new Register of Deeds is doing a great job at improving what was already excellent public service. If you need a certified deed for your home, the Register of Deeds will provide that efficiently, cheaply, and conveniently – at 5-10 times less the cost than offered by this out of state company,” Falk concluded. # # #