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Village of McFarland gets Conservation Fund dollars for Lower Mud Lake Natural Resource Area purchase

March 09, 2007
Joanne Haas, Office of the County Executive (608) 267-8823 or cell (608) 669-5606
County Executive

The Village of McFarland has been granted nearly $120,000 in additional Conservation Fund monies to purchase 17 acres in the Lower Mud Lake Natural Resources Area that also will serve as a segment of the Lower Yahara River Trail – a high priority trail in the 2006-2001 Parks and Open Space Plan. “This is a valuable purchase on a few levels,” Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said. “This property complements lands already owned by the county and village. In addition to it being part of the Lower Yahara River Trail, it also will provide a connection from Lake Farm Centennial State Park to the Village of McFarland.” The Village of McFarland in 2005 was awarded from the Conservation Fund $139,765, which represented 15 percent of the purchase price for the property with an appraised value of $935,000. The Village of McFarland was granted an additional $118,437 in county funds for a total $258,202 to help the Village purchase the 17 acres. The Village Board recently approved the purchase. The supplemental grant was approved by the Dane County Board of Supervisors on March 1 and signed by Falk the following day. # # #