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Falk Announces Dane County Environmental Grant Awards

February 22, 2005
Lesley Sillaman, 267-8823
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced that the Dane County Environmental Council has granted awards to four organizations for projects that help promote awareness, conservation and preservation of Dane County’s natural resources. “These groups are restoring prairies, fighting invasive plants, enabling students to monitor the health of our area lakes, and helping communities build rain gardens and promoting bicycle use and safety,” said Falk. “Sometimes a small grant can make a big difference.” The Dane County Environmental Council, appointed by Falk and approved by the County Board, awarded the following grants: · $500 to the Middleton High School to enable advanced biology students to monitor and assess yearly the water quality conditions of Lake Wingra as part of a unit on limnology. · $300 to Dane County Transition School to allow groups of 30 high school students to participate in the removal of woody invasives from conservation areas in the county and help restore prairie vegetation. · $216 to the South Metropolitan Planning Council’s South Madison Housing Community Team to bring community members together to meet others in their community while they plan and install two community rain gardens to infiltrate storm water runoff; and · $150 to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin to assist with holding three community festivals to promote bicycling and bicycle safety in Dane County. The Council’s mission is to assist public and private groups in recognizing and protecting natural areas in Dane County and to assume an educational role in the awareness, conservation and protection of the environment and natural resources. "The Environmental Council did a great job of fundraising this year,” said Jennifer Shelton, President of the Environmental Council. “In addition to the $1,000 of county funds, the Council, for the first time, raised money from private donors. The additional $835 raised in this effort enabled the Council to provide more funds to deserving projects than in the past. The Council will utilize remaining funds on several other environmental initiatives during the year. On behalf of Dane County's residents and our environment, thanks to the Council for a great job." # # #