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Falk Appoints Two Department Heads

October 21, 2004
Topf Wells, 266-9069
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced that she has appointed Todd Violante as Director of the Department of Planning & Development and Jerry Mandli as Commissioner/Director of the Department of Public Works, Highway & Transportation. Falk said: “Both Todd and Jerry are well qualified for their positions and have performed superbly as interim directors of their respective departments.” She then listed Todd’s and Jerry’s qualifications: Todd has his undergraduate degree and his Master’s in Planning from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Employed as a Senior Planner with Dane County since 1998, Todd also worked as a planner with the City of Madison and in the private sector with Mid-State Associates, Inc. As a Dane County planner, Todd has taken on and successfully completed tough assignments. He was the planner for the North Mendota Parkway Alternatives Study and was instrumental in acquiring the federal Transportation and Community and Systems Preservation grant which funded that work. As Interim Director, Todd has lead the Department during a period of rapid growth throughout the County, which has increased the workloads of all his staff. At the same time, the Department has taken on complex planning efforts and programs, such as Comprehensive Planning, CDBG, and HOME. Todd has met these challenges with an incredible work ethic, a strong commitment to public and customer service, absolute integrity, and remarkably good cheer. He is well respected in his field, as evidenced by the offer he received this summer to become the Director of Duluth’s Planning Department. Jerry brings impressive professional and personal accomplishments to his position heading up the Public Works, Highway & Transportation Department. Jerry is a licensed professional engineer with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Since 1992, he has been Dane County’s Solid Waste Manager. Prior to that, he served for four years as a solid waste management engineer in New York. He has also taught courses and authored professional papers in his areas of expertise. Jerry has had wonderful success at the landfill. He and his staff’s innovative work on the methane/electric generation project now earns substantial revenue for the county annually. His proposal to install a bioreactor at the landfill will extend the useful life of that facility by a decade. He is managing the successful consolidation of Public Works and Highway & Transportation. Thanks to his careful, honest, and direct style, he has earned the respect of our front line workers in both departments. Jerry is unfailingly energetic, upbeat in attitude; he is forthright and honest in all of his communications. She concluded: “Both Todd and Jerry are great citizens, with solid records of volunteering in their communities.: Falk has recommended both receive five-year contracts. Todd’s starting salary is $77,000; Jerry’s is $103,000. # # #