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Patricia Frazak and Carol Cady Severson Named Recipients of Dane County’s Brickner Award

February 16, 2004
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County Executive

Dane County employees Patricia Frazak, Department of Public Health Nursing Director, and Carol Cady Severson, Account Clerk in the Department of Administration, are the recipients of the Dane County Women’s Issues Committee’s annual Karen L. Brickner Memorial Award. The award, established in 1996, is named for a long time county employee at Badger Prairie Health Care Center and union activist who was involved in many community activities, bringing laughter, spirit and dedication to whatever she did. Brickner died unexpectedly in 1995. The recognition goes to an outstanding county employee who is active in county affairs. Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk said, “Patricia and Carol are role models. They’re eager to help and willing to get involved in issues that matter to our citizens. They make a difference in the lives of so many people.” Frazak coordinates the First Steps initiative, now in its third year of operation in the Wisconsin Heights Community. This collaborative initiative works with families who are expecting a baby, have a new baby or young children, to provide resources to "assure that families are confident, competent and healthy". Frazak also volunteers her time at community events such as Welcome Baby Fair. She is also known as a competent leader, role model and advocate, respected by her professional peers and co-workers throughout the Dane County public health community. This is evident by her election by her peers to chair the regional branch of the Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards, where she has served a term as state secretary of the organization. Frazak is also an active contributor to the Dane county Board of Health and the Dane County Medical Society. Cady Severson is the organizer of the annual holiday celebration for the Community Services workers who provide recycling tasks for Dane County. Cady Severson volunteers her personal time and expense to ensure that these valuable workers with disabilities are acknowledged for their efforts. Cady Severson has also served on the Dane County Women's Issues Committee for several years, where she has organized many projects such as the annual Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Cady Severson is known for going the extra mile in answering numerous inquiries daily for Dane County employees and is always willing to take on additional tasks without complaint. She also volunteers for many community activities for school children and people in need. County employees nominate their fellow employees for the award. The Women’s Issues Committee makes the final selection of the award recipients. The awards will be presented Tuesday, February 17, noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Badger Prairie Health Care Center, 1100 East Verona Avenue, Verona. # # #