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Conservation Fund Grant Projects in Dane County Announced by County Executive Falk

November 05, 2003
Topf Wells, (608) 266-9069
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today announced recommendations for funding for six land protection projects through the Dane County Conservation Fund Grant Program, which matches funds from local communities or organizations. Grant awards total $819,939. “The commitment to protect our most treasured places – our parks, open spaces, trails, lakes, streams and historical sites – is embodied in these projects. I am grateful for the high quality of the applications we received for funding," said Falk. The grant selections this year help preserve marshland, oak savannahs, streams, prairie, and glacial drumlins or hills in various parts of Dane County. “People love their favorite places in Dane County. Our grant program helps local communities preserve and save for future generations the areas they hold most dear,” said Falk. “I am happy that, together, we can accomplish this.” The program provides matching grants to cities, towns, villages, and non-profit organizations to implement the Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan. The grant program began in 2000 following the Conservation Fund referendum and 20% of County land acquisition dollars each year are earmarked for grants. Over the past few months, members of the Conservation Fund Grant Advisory Committee have evaluated grant proposals which were submitted by local government units and non-profit organizations. This committee is an 11-member panel which includes the Dane County Parks Commission, one representative from the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin, one representative from the Madison Area Builders Association, and two members appointed by the Dane County Executive. Six proposals qualified for consideration. One from a local Government, one from a nonprofit organization and four proposals submitted jointly from nonprofit organizations and local units of government. The projects include the following: Applicant -- Project Location -- # Acres -- Project Costs -- Grant City of Madison-Blooming Grove Drumlins Resource Area-41-$899,330$182,835 Patrick Marsh Conservancy/ Natural Heritage Land Trust/City & Town of Sun Prairie-Patrick Marsh Resource Area-25-$581,625-$171,687 Patrick Marsh Conservancy/ Natural Heritage Land Trust/City & Town of Sun Prairie-Patrick Marsh Resource Area-35-$805,290-$197,157 Town of Perry/Hauge Log Church Preservation Association-Hauge Historic District-19.7-$93,581-$25,780 Natural Heritage Land Trust/Town of Verona-Upper Sugar River-94.36-$374,700-$102,200 The Prairie Enthusiasts-Pleasure Valley Resource Area-131-$518,060-$140,280 The County Board will vote on these recommendations at its Thursday (11/6/03) meeting. # # #