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Security Measures Set for City-County Building during the Conference of Mayors, June 14-17

May 29, 2002
Sharyn Wisniewski, (608) 267-8823
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today sent the following memo to Dane County elected officials and department heads, and all County employees in the City-County Building advising them of building security measures to be in place during the Conference of Mayors, June 14-17. # # # DATE: May 29, 2002 TO: Elected Officials and Department Heads and All City-County Building Employees FROM: Kathleen M. Falk Dane County Executive RE: Mayors’ Conference June 14-18 The purpose of this memo is to keep you informed as the City of Madison prepares for the Mayors’ Conference. By virtue of our proximity to the conference, this event may impact county business in the City-County Building (CCB). We will be cooperating with the city and law enforcement officials and would appreciate your cooperation as well. The county’s goal is to continue to provide services to the citizens who come to the CCB. Law enforcement officials are concerned that there is some potential for civil disobedience or property destruction on the part of some protesters. I think there is an excellent chance that the conference will occur without a hitch and the demonstrators will exercise their constitutional rights respectfully. Nevertheless, we will be prepared to protect the safety of the public and our employees. Therefore, preparations for heightened security at the CCB have been developed for the time period of June 14-June 17: 1. Access in and out of the CCB will be limited to Carroll Street entrance. The only exceptions will be to maintain handicap access on Wilson Street. 2. City-County building employees with employee card access will be allowed to bypass weapon screening; however, employees will be required to show both their access card and a government issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license). 3. In order to control access into the CCB through the garage and allow staging areas for various law enforcement agencies parking in the CCB, garage access will be limited. The only vehicles allowed access to the CCB garage will be the Madison Police Department (MPD) official vehicles and Facilities Management and Printing and Services operational vehicles. MPD is working to arrange alternative parking for other users of the garage; CCB staff who park in the basement will be contacted as to alternate parking. 4. Buffer zones (barricades) will be placed at the corners of Pinckney and Wilson, MLK and Doty, and Carroll and Wilson Streets. 5. Only deliveries of critical items will be accepted from Friday, June 14 through Tuesday, June 18. Elected officials and department heads or their designee will be responsible for notifying vendors. 6. Departments will be asked to stagger work hours per the following agreement with Joint Council to help alleviate potential traffic congestion. Thanks to the Joint Council for their cooperation in this matter. a. The county will determine the optimal percentage of staff needed to stagger hours 30 to 60 minutes ahead of normal schedule department by department. b. Volunteers for staggering hours will be solicited by departmental management. c. Assignment of staggered hours will be based on seniority order of the volunteers. d. Employees with set schedules due to child care and car pooling issues will not be expected to alter their hours. e. Parties to the agreement will resolve scheduling conflicts. 7. In the event that closing County Government is necessary for business within the CCB, the county will follow the Suspension of County Government Policy: a. Employees scheduled to work who are advised not to report or are released from work due to closure of county government will receive their usual compensation. For all such employees, time sheets should reflect the time as worked. b. Employees who report to or remain at work during implementation of government closure in order to maintain continuation of emergency services will be compensated according to the provisions of applicable bargaining agreement or ordinance. c. If closure occurs during business hours, the County Executive will advise county employees by announcements via public address systems, e-mail, and activation of the county’s call tree. d. If closure occurs after business hours, employees will be notified by broadcast media only. Primary emergency broadcast stations include WIBA-AM and WTDY-AM. 8. In an emergency, elected officials and department heads may contact MPD or Sheriff Office personnel at the Operations Center. The phone number will be provided when it becomes available. The following staff may be contacted for other questions: Facility questions – Travis Myren, 266-8477 Employee questions – Harriett Rowland, 266-4130 or Sylvia Thornton, 266-4649 General Security Questions – Thank you for your assistance.