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Corporation Counsel Cal Kornstedt Retires

March 01, 2002
Sharyn Wisniewski, (608) 267-8823

Long-time Dane County Corporation Counsel Cal W. Kornstedt has announced his retirement, effective February 28, 2002. He told Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, in his retirement letter, that “my physical condition is deteriorating such that I am no longer able to put in the hours necessary to perform the duties of this position. Therefore, I am retiring effective as of this date.” Kornstedt suffers from Parkinson’s disease. “Cal’s good legal advice and experience has been of invaluable assistance to me, the County Board, and all of Dane County government,” said Falk. “He has faced plenty of challenges in his position, but his integrity, intelligence and steady hand as the county’s top lawyer has served Dane County citizens well. I will miss him. He richly deserves an enjoyable retirement.” Kornstedt has served almost 16 years as Corporation Counsel, having been appointed to the position in 1986 by former County Executive Jonathan Barry. Providing advice and counsel to the County Executive, Dane County Board of Supervisors and department heads is one of many responsibilities of the Corporation Counsel’s office. Kornstedt led a staff of 18 attorneys who advise and represent the county in all civil, administrative, and regulatory matters, including labor relations. Additionally, Corporation Counsel represents the public in mental commitments, protective service matters, and certain juvenile matters. Finally, the Corporation Counsel administers the child support enforcement program. This program assists custodial parents and dependent children in locating absent parents, establishing paternity when necessary, establishing and enforcing child support orders, and requiring absent parents to carry health insurance for their children. Falk said she will announce an interim Corporation Counsel and hiring selection process soon. Kornstedt said that during the transition period he will be available, mostly from home, to assist on ongoing matters. # # #
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