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December 21, 2001
Sharyn Wisniewski, 267-8823
County Executive

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today denounced an incident of cross-burning reported early Friday morning in front of an African American family’s home in the Town of Springfield. Falk said: “This is a sad and cowardly act, which I condemn in the strongest possible way. A burning cross is a symbol of the most treacherous and inhumane period of time in our history. It is a symbol of intense hatred that is born of ignorance. It is a painful and caustic reminder of what we would like to believe is relegated to the past. “The Dane County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident as a hate crime, as they should. I want to express support for the family that was seemingly the target of this act and assure them and every other person of color that we take the matter very seriously. “In the midst of a season devoted to giving, joy and peace, our community must speak out against those who commit offenses against our citizens and renew our efforts to celebrate the great diversity in our community.” # # #