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Hulsey Introduces Energy Efficiency Proposal To Save Money, Energy, and Cut Pollution

December 07, 2001
Supervisor Brett Hulsey (238-6070 / 257-4994)
County Executive

Supervisor Brett Hulsey today introduced a County Board resolution to create an energy savings program for the Badger Prairie Health Care Center. The public-private partnership would allow Dane County to borrow funds from Alliant Energy to complete energy savings projects. Repayment of the borrowed funds would be made from the savings in energy expenditures resulting from use the new equipment. "This resolution will save county taxpayers money, reduce pollution, and increase our energy security," said Supervisor Brett Hulsey. "We will save almost $27,000 each year by installing more efficient lighting and heating at Badger Prairie Care Center," he added. Alliant Energy will help the county install the devices and taxpayers will save on energy bills. The estimated annual savings from the project will be used to repay the up to $160,500 in borrowed funds from Alliant. The efficiency improvements will also cut air pollution that has been linked to asthma attacks, and other health problems. Alliant estimates the positive environmental impacts to include a 1.2 million-pound reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, among other pollutant reductions. Committees of the County Board will be considering this resolution over the next two weeks.