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November 29, 2001
Topf Wells, 266-9069

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk today (11/29/01) announced that Dane County has reached an agreement with the Wilson Street Grill. The Wilson Street Grill is located in the Hamilton Place Building, which will be demolished to make way for the new Dane County Courthouse. A long-established Madison restaurant, the Wilson Street Grill has won national renown for the quality of its food and its groundbreaking efforts in employing people with disabilities as members of its staff. The settlement of $500,000 compensates the owner of the Wilson Street Grill for the value of the business which is closing with the county’s acquisition of the Hamilton Place Building. Falk commented: “I support this settlement as one which recognizes the value of the Wilson Street Grill as a business and fairly compensates the owner for that value. Nancy Christy, the Grill’s owner-operator, has provided wonderful dining and hospitality for Dane County residents and visitors for many years. Her successes in employing and training people with disabilities have been a powerful and positive example to our community and a life-changing opportunity for her staff. I wish Ms. Christy and her staff the best in their future efforts.” The settlement agreement will be introduced to the County Board at its December 6th meeting and voted on at a later meeting. Falk urged that the Board approve the agreement: “County staff have carefully negotiated a fair resolution to a difficult situation, with the approval of the Justice Center Planning Oversight Committee. Board approval will mark another important step in the Courthouse project and will provide fair treatment for the owner of a business directly affected by that project.”
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